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Examining the Process Leadership

How does someone learn how to be a better leader?

The Illinois Leadership Laboratory, coordinated by Dr. David Rosch in the Agricultural Education Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is focused on this and related questions.  We are engaged in academic leadership courses, co-curricular programs, and national initiatives, seeking to understand and maximize the processes by which these formal educational opportunities can maximize their benefit for students as emerging leaders in their classes, communities, and future professions.

Leader pic


HOW do leadership opportunities like formal courses, retreats, workshops, conferences, and student organizations, help students develop their capacity to lead?


WHAT is the process through which students learn to lead?  Through which they learn the “can” lead?  Through which they learn they “should” lead?


Is the developmental process common for all students, or more diverse and/or individual?


ARE some leadership development initiatives more successful than others, and is so, WHY?


Interested in a primer on leadership and why it is important to study it?

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