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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Multi-Source Feedback as a Leadership Development Tool for College Students

Journal of Leadership Studies. 6(3), 33-45
David Rosch, James Anderson, and Shannon Jordan (2013)

Addressing the State of Formalized Program Review in Leadership Education

Journal of Leadership Studies, 6(3), 67-72
Matthew Sowcik, Jill Lindsey, and David Rosch

A Collection Effort to Understand Formalized Program Review  

Journal of Leadership Studies, 6(3), 67‐72 
By: Matthew Sowcik, Jill L. Lindsey, and David M. Rosch

The exponential growth of curricular leadership programs in higher education has increased pressure to assess the success of these initiatives.  This invited piece in the Journal of Leadership Studies reviews the process of a task force appointed by the International Leadership Association to explore a process for formal peer review, certification, or accreditation for interested programs.