What is it about?

We are interested in learning about the impact that registered student organizations (RSOs) have on student leadership development. To accomplish this, we would love to visit your RSO for 15 minutes during a highly-attended meeting to have your members complete a survey, and then follow up with an email link to an online version of the survey afterwards for students who missed the meeting.


What do I need to do?

All you need to do is email Nicole Nelson (nenelso2@illinois.edu), a graduate student coordinating the project, and she will arrange a time with you for visiting an upcoming meeting. She will also ask you to complete a 1 page survey about your RSO.


What’s in it for us?

If 75% of your members complete either a hard copy or electronic survey, the research team will transfer $50 to your RSO account for you to use however you would like.


Can I just send out the electronic survey instead?

For our research to be valid, a high percentage of your members need to participate. Past history shows that students at the University of Illinois do not respond to electronic survey invitations at nearly a high enough percentage.


Who is coordinating this project?

Dr. David Rosch, an Assistant Professor in Agricultural Education who is heavily involved in the campus-wide Minor in Leadership Studies, serves as the coordinator.


Note: Please send ALL questions regarding this matter to Nicole Nelson at nenelso2@illinois.edu.


Keep in mind:

  1. The percentage of participation is calculated from the membership that is currently active.
  2. Size of the organization does not matter, just the percentage of participation.
  3. Prior to the full membership hard copy survey, an executive board member will get a link to an online pre-survey. This survey asks information about the structure of the student organization.
  4. The survey is meant to be give to all members of your organization, not just the office team.